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Zombie Santa

Mulga the Artist-Zombie Santa

Santa Jaws

By Stuart McKerihan

Santa Jaws
with his scaly beard
Is one scary mofo
Who is greatly feared

The rumour is
on why he wears a patch
He called some reindeer out
During a heated pool match

Santa caught this deer hustling
Which don’t fly with Jaws
So Santa grabbed a bottle
and cracked him in the horns.

The reindeer went down
But to Santa’s surprise
He jumped right back up
And jagged him in the eyes.

The right was just swollen
But the left one was licked
Now here comes the moral
On why you don’t get Santa pissed

He fumbled for something
inside his suit
Pulling out a pole
Which he put to good use

After skewering one
He went to work on the others
In a scene unfit
for infants or mothers

So the children are right
to fear ol’ St. Jaws
Who now rides with skeletons
Instead of with furs

That’s ol’ Jaw’s story
But if you need some more proof
Just hang around next time
he lands on your roof

The End

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