September 12, 2017 at 08:44AM

I drew Captain Jazzy Jetty for @fixx_events recently and boy is he jazzy!
An Ode to Captain Jazzy Jett

Once when Jett was just a little guy
He dreamed of sailing the world and being real fly

He’d go on sweet adventures and even ride a pig
Climb the highest mountains and then bust out a jig

When he finally grew up to be a rad bearded man
He did even more than his original plan

He surfed with those mermaids in the Galápagos Isles
And when he built a house he even laid all the tiles

For his sweet drawing skills he was known across the land
He could just about draw anything with just a pen in his hand

He once drew a penguin riding a bike
Chased by a sea lion riding a trike

He drew that as he sailed through the Antarctican seas
Getting frostbite on his fingers it really hurt like the bees

On the beaches up north he now spends his time
Getting tubes e’ry day and being real super fly

The End

#mulgatheartist #fixxevents #captain #beard #beardart

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