September 13, 2017 at 03:06PM

It’s Henry the Hermit crab, I drew him for Mortgage Choice Sutho Shire. You may see him nipping around The Shire.
An Ode to Henry the Hermit Crab

He was the hugest crab to have ever crab walked the earth
He was certainly not drab and his shell had the largest girth

Theories abound about how he grew so large
Such as how he got radiated on or rode a magical barge

But the truth is more simple and makes a lot more sense
Let me tell you now there’s no need to hold your breath

Instead of inhabiting a shell that was just the right size
He’d always live in one too big in which he’d look silly to most eyes

But he knew that if his body never filled his shell
It would continue to grow large and big and well

Visualisation is another thing that he’d learned to master
He’d picture himself growing up bigger, stronger and faster

So by the time he was a young adult crab and as huge as a house
His contemporaries where still no bigger than a cute little mouse

He became super famous and went on all the talk shows
Jimmy Fallon even referred to him as one of his bros

He travelled the world every day an adventure
With his eyes always peeled for a shell that was bigger, stronger and better

The End

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