September 15, 2019 at 05:58PM

One of three ‘plywood poke ya head through the whole cutout for a photo thingy’ I made for @bigdesignmarket happening next weekend. I got to do up some funky monkey art for the kids area and also will have a stall at the market so you should really come and have a good time there. It’s going to be choice.
The story of Oliver the Orangutan

Once there was this orangutan called Oliver the Orangutan and he was a super special orangutan because he had the ability to catch rainbows and swing from them and slide down them and have fun on them. He was the only ‘forest man’ that could catch a rainbow because when all the other ‘forest men’ tried to catch them the rainbows would be too fast and runaway and hide when their pursuers got to near. One time when Oliver was a swinging from a rainbow the rainbow rocketed up into the sky and Oliver was in mortal danger because he was so high up in the air but then the rainbow came back down to earth and Oliver jumped off into a tree and he was once again safe. That’s the story of Oliver the Orangutan.
The End

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