September 21, 2018 at 09:20AM

A painting of a Porsche I did for bossman at @sangacio. I finished just in time to catch my plane home.

The story of Peter the Porsche

Peter was not a regular Porsche because he had a moustache and eyes and a mouth. He was a magical talking porsche kind of like Herbie the Love Bug but better because Herbie didn’t have a moustache or eyes or a mouth and didn’t talk. His favourite place to go on a Sunday afternoon drive was the jungle because it was so relaxing and peaceful there. Apart from the incessant squawking of the miniature monkeys that resided there it was a great place to go and relax. Peter loved burning along the dirt trails in the jungle and getting sweet airs off the jumps and stuff. It was heaps good. Sometimes he would race Charles the Cheetah and at least half the times he would win. The End.

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