September 28, 2017 at 08:30AM

About a year ago I painted this giraffe mural at @the_henson, it was great.
The story of the 10 giraffe bros

There is 10 giraffes and they are all bros with Healthy Harold the Giraffe being the oldest, he goes around to schools teaching all the kids about healthy living. Frankie the Giraffe owns and operates an employment agency specializing in placing EA’s (executive assistants). Jimmy the Giraffe flies single propellor aeroplanes delivering seafood supplies to seafood restaurants located in central Australia. Archie the Giraffe is an artist who specialises in painting Amazonian animals and plant life. Norm the Giraffe works as a barrista specializing in strong lattes but only works on the weekend in a small cafe in Surry Hills. Dallas the Giraffe was a high school drop out that has since invested in the popular franchise “Jims Mowing” and now makes a modest living. Geoffrey the Giraffe is a professional college b-ball player and is really good at slam dunking. Stewart the Giraffe teaches history at the local high school and the kids love him because he is a cool giraffe teacher. Longneck Lucas the Giraffe works as a cement renderer. Garth the Giraffe is a roof tiler and doesn’t even need to use a ladder.

The End ?: @innerwest_art

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