September 30, 2018 at 01:20PM

It’s Big Nev the Emu, I painted him on a wheat silo on Guy and Heidi’s family farm in Condobolin for a project called Ode to Farmers by @kelloggsaus. We made a video too, just google Mulga and Kelloggs and it’s there. Cheers to for the help painting.

The story of Big Nev the Emu

Once there was a big emu called Nev. He was heaps big, like bigger than any emu you’ve ever seen in your life, he was even bigger than an elephant which can be pretty big especially those real big ones. Nev was always a big boned emu growing up in the mystified lands of Condobolin and he was one of if not the most valued player in his towns footy team and they were pretty much always the champions of the outback footy competition largely due to Nev. Once Nev got passed the ball he could usually score a try within a couple of steps cause his steps where so huge on account of him being a heaps big emu. When he grew up he became one of the best farmers in the region and grew heaps of wheat which was then turned into cereal of which he was known to consume vast quantities and he once rode a harvester machine thingy for 43 hours straight whilst harvest season was on.

The End

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