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Sweet Video

A little vid of Eberto being painted for the @innerwest_council Perfect Match program. Find him chilling next to Marrickville train station.

An Ode to Eberto the Cockie

Eberto was a cockie and a very stylish one
He loved flying about and having a bunch of fun

The Banksia flower was his favourite dish to eat 
He loved it’s delish flavours and texture so neat

For over a year he once lived in a Banksia tree
He ate a lot of Banksia flowers and was often overcome with glee

He could often be found singing at the top of his voice
Belting out Elvis ballads and sounding pretty darn noice

So next time you hear a black cockie screeching out loud
Listen out for some Elvis vibes in amongst that sound

The End

#mulgatheartist #perfectmatchinnerwest #perfectmatch2017 #innerwest #innerwestart #streetart #streetartist #cockatoo #blackcockatoo #marrickville

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