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MULGA’S BIRTHDAY SALE! 20% off store wide, 2 days only!


In celebration of my upcoming birthday and for the milestone of being a full time art dude for 2 years and for the sweet new collaboration with the Little Mountain Lightbox Co  I am having a storewide sale of 20% off.

That’s all the stuff in my online store (even super rare originals) and these super awesome lightboxes.  Each lightbox is hand crafted in the Snowy mountains by Mandy of the Little Mountain Lightbox Co using reclaimed timber or super nice plywood.

Enter the code “happybday” to get 20% off storewide until Sunday at midnight.

Don’t forget  if you spend over $100 you also get free shipping Aus wide. Yay!

Radical New Mulga products

It’s 2 weeks till Christmas, yikes!

We’ve got so many radical new products it’s not even funny.  You can check them out at Sydney Finders Keepers markets this weekend or from our pop up shop in Westfield Miranda or from our sweet online shop.

Santa Sacks

rad santa sack on natural - web

Tea Towels

Captain Monkey Pants - tea towel -web

Ceramic Coasters

Mulga skull coasters-web

Women’s Pendant Necklaces

Peacock necklace-web

Girl’s Pendant Necklaces

Pancho the Pineapple - girls pendant necklace - web


Travel Coffee Cups

Mulga reusable takeaway coffee cup - beards close up-web

Ceramic Coffee Mugs


iPhone Cases

wayne wolf side


Dudes Tees

dolphin beard cheyne mens tee-web

Kids Tees

dolphin beard cheyne kids tee-web

Original Artworks

Wayne the Wolf-web


Art Prints

Chief Beard-web

Gift Certificates

gift certificate

Featherbone the Brave

© Mulga 2013, Featherbone the Brave, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm

© Mulga 2013, Featherbone the Brave, Posca on Paper, 30 x 42 cm

This painting is currently available to purchase at Platform 72.

You can buy a print of it here.

An Ode to Featherbone the Brave

Born in the mountains was Featherbone the Brave
He was stolen by poachers when very young in age

Taken from his home and sold to a zoo
All this calamity turned him a purply hue

When he reached adolescence he decided to escape
So he busted outta his cage while wearing a cape

He travelled the land far and wide
And settled with a native American Indian tribe

He rode a horse and slept in a cave
No longer known as Bob but Featherbone the Brave

The End

Rodney RopeBeard

© Mulga 2012, Rodney RopeBeard, Acrylic paint and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

An Ode To Rodney Ropebeard

Rope Beard Rodney is an old sea salt
His poison of choice iswhiskey and malt

He nearly met his maker, sent by Moby Slick
The great grand whale of Moby Dick

This whale was a zombie beast stained red
From the blood of the men upon which it has fed

Rodney tried to harpoon this deathly whale
But the odds were against him he was doomed to fail

It’s skin was as strong as a golden orbs web
Harpoons were useless even to the head

Moby Slick devoured the entire stinking crew
Gobbled them up like some putrid human stew

Rodney did escape and he’ll tell you the tale
Of his high seas adventure with Moby Slick the whale

Snake Turban Steve

© Mulga 2012, Snake Turban Steve, Acrylic paint and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

An Ode to Snake Turban Steve

Snake Turban Steve is a weird and dangerous chap
His headwear of choice is the deadliest form of hat

If you give him any cheek his serpent will pluck out your eye
Then the beast’s deadly venom will make you slowly die

But if you carry a flute you know you’ll be alright
The snake will be yours and you’ll have no fight

Herman the Hipster

© Mulga 2012, Herman the Hipster, Acrylic paint and Posca on Paper, 30 x 40 cm

An Ode to Herman the Hipster

Herman the hipster is as smooth as butter
His yellow beard makes him seem real clever

His hipster goggles give him x-ray vision
And also allow him to read with precision

He reads in the park and sits under a tree
His favourite number is the number three

Magical Diamond Froggy

This is a bedazzled frog.
He is found on the ground in the vicinity of diamond mines.
As a result of his environment he is all diamondy and glittery and magical and sparkles in the sun like Edward the magical vampire.
Go team Edward!
Here is a poem about the magical sparkly diamond frog.

The magical sparkly diamond frog
He is a frog that doesn’t hide in a log
He sits in the sun and sings his song
He is pretty to view
With a diamond or three
Upon his skin for all the swamp to see
He is a girls best friend and his name is Ben
He would look good on a ring, he sure is a gem

See you next time.

I am the captain of this ship

I wrote a poem to accompany the picture of the pirate that I drew

A Pirate’s Poem

I shall make thee walk the plank
With hands bound ye shall sink
Mutiny I shall not permit
I am the captain of this ship

See you next time

Purple hairy frogman and his guitar

This is the purple hairy frogman playing guitar.
He also wears a fantastic headband which has 4 stars on it. They are white on a red background.
He wears a lovely pair of shoes which he buffs to a splendid polish every day. He can see his own reflection in them when he looks down.
He takes pride in his appearance and why shouldn’t he, he is a unique character and is the best dressed creature in his local swamp.His dapper appearance is what separates him from all the other creatures in his local ecosystem.
He has 3 female admirers of which he has no interest in. That’s just the way it is sometimes.Maybe he just likes the thrill of the chase.
His nipples are cross shapes which is unique to him and the green hairy scary frogman who holds an umbrella. The green hairy scary frogman can be found in a prior post of mine. Check out one of his arms. It is unusually longer then the other. Nature is a funny thing.
See you next time.

Zombie with Mo-Hawk

Here’s a flouro zombie. He was made with highlighter and artline felt tip pen.
He has a mo-hawk and he is looking out of frame at something of which i am not sure.
It seems to be of interest to this particular zombie as he seems to be going ‘oooh’ or maybe even whistling.
Maybe he saw a hot zombie babe and he is performing the classic fox whistle.
See you next time.

Six Round Zombie Heads

This is a painting of six round zombie heads.
They are round like an orange or a bowling ball.
Some are happy, some are sad, some are tired and some are bad,
some are whistling and some are poking their tongue out and one of them has a mo-hawk.
Their teeth are sharp and i wouldn’t like to meet them in the dark.
See you next time.

Surfer Zombie

This surfer zombie thinks he is way cool.
Maybe he is.
Are surfer zombies cool? You tell me.

Stripes of a colour stick together

This is a painting on canvas with acrylic paint and posca.
There are nine stripes under-girding this piece and 9 eye balls looking on in an indifferent gaze.
They are varied in colour.
I submitted this to Illustration Friday’s current topic of “Stripes”.
See you next time.
– Mulga

Le Crabtraption

This is le humble crab. I drew this on paper with gauche (with some water added) and posca pen.
The crab is a great contraption that God invented.
Crabs are cool because they can run sideways really well and because of this they are really good at soccer because they are excellent jockeyer’s. It also helps to have 8 feet (not including the claws). However, sadly they are bad dancers because they have 4 left feet.
Please beware that crabs are decapods and they have teeth on the inside of their stomach, kinda like that pit in the desert that Jabba the Hutt hangs out at. That is one scary scene.

Here’s a crab joke.
A man walks into a restaurant and says, “Do you serve crabs here?”
The waitress replies, “We serve everyone. Have a seat.”

Here’s a poem I composed about crabs in acrostic style. It doesn’t ryhme (sorry).

Crabs are cannibals and will eat their best friend if he is a weakling
Running sideways is what crabs are good at (and also chomping stuff with their claws)
A crab can grow it’s claw back if it gets lost/chomped by it’s other claw/stuck under a rock etc (awesome!)
Blue swimmer crabs are a type of crab and are yummy.
Some say the superman of crabs is the Japanese Spider Crab. These crabs are huge (and scary)!

So crabs are not so boring after all. See you next time.

Cosmic Egg Head Man

Here is my latest art for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a poem I wrote inspired by the Cosmic Egg Head Man:

The boundaries of the mind
Can translate to the face
Take care what you think
Everything finds its place

Here is another little poem:

The cold winds of space
Is where you’ll see the face
Of the cosmic egghead man
And his master race

Skull Mania

Hey hey

I drew a skull and then waved my wand and multiplied it in many beautiful colours and inversions
This is the resultant creation
Skulls are cool

Eyes are cool

I drew some creatures with many eyes to thee
What you do they shall see
There’s an eagle, a feline and a man as well
There is no fish or a dog or bell


This is a picture i painted of an owl. When Pearl sees it she says ‘toot toot’.
I wrote a poem from the perspective of the owl.

I’m an owl, in the darkness i prowl
I love to eat meat, that’s my kind of feast
When i grab some mice they usually die of fright
When i see a mouse that’s when i pounce
My eyes are lazy but my neck is crazy
It turns 270 degrees up in them trees
When i hang with my buddies people call us a study

The end

A group of owls is also called a parliament or a wisdom. I thought that was interesting but found it too hard to incorporate into the poem. If you can rhyme that little tidbit drop me a line and ill add it into the poem.