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Studio 10

I appeared on the tv show Studio 10 with Kurt and we painted a sweet bearded dude with the hosts of Studio 10 sitting in his beard. We also talked about the Innerwest Council’s Perfect Match program. It was grouse.

King Kemono King of Beasts Video

This is a timelapse video of when I painted King Kemono King of Beasts on a canvas in Tokyo.

The story of King Kemono King of Beasts

King Kemono King of Beasts was born Lazarus the Lion on the island of Delos in ancient Greece. He lived a humble life spending his days attending school and sailing his sailing boat and fishing for dinner.

When he grew up he took over the family cheese making business. The family cheese making business prospered under his stewardship but Lazarus grew restless and longed for adventure.
So one day he packed his sailing ship and sailed into the big blue yonder. He sailed the world for 3 years and had the best of times and the worst of times but mostly pretty good times.
When he arrived in Japan he fell in love with the place and the delish sushi on offer and decided to settle in Tokyo a bustling metropolis.
He purchased a minority shareholding in a local cheese importing company and through his contacts and expertise in the cheese industry he was able to grow it to be the number one cheese importing business in Japan. The Japanese people named him King Kemono King of Beasts (and cheese) and everyone had a good time.

The End

Check out more of my videos here.

Original music by Rio Rakoia.

Wayne the Wolf

Wayne the Wolf-web

Mulga and Wayne and Deb

Please meet Wayne the Wolf.

I painted him live during the filming of this Sundays Foxtel’s arts show, Event with Deborah Hutton.

The episode airs on Foxtel Arts channel at 5pm on 1 November 2015.

The original painting of Wayne the Wolf is available to purchase from my online shop here.

Prints of Wayne the Wolf are available here.

An Ode to Wayne the Wolf

There was this wolf and his name was Wayne
He had the most magical colours and none were the same

He liked to prance on the rainbow while howling at the sun
Because as we know prancing on rainbows is the best of fun

The End

Cheers Art Pharmacy for inviting me on the show.

Fiesta El Loco


I will be at the El Loco Mexican Fiesta painting some sweet Mexican inspired imagery and selling some sweet Mexican inspired tees and art prints.

Come down and party with me. For details and to get tickets click here.

What Happened Last Night – Art Show

What happened poster

I have submitted a new artwork and accompanying poem into this art show.

I am also live painting with some of the other artists exhibiting.

I will be selling some prints and tees so come by and say hi.

It shall be a great time for everyone involved!

Endless Summer Paintings

art battle

Happy New year dudes! These are my creative contributiosn to the Endless Summer Festival.

In other news, I am having my first live paint of the year at Name this Bar on Oxford Street tomorrow night (2 Jan 2014) starting at 8:30. It is an art battle, so it is serious business.

Endless Summer Festival

Mulga in the Leader for the Endless Summer Festival

I will be at the Endless Summer Festival making live art and also hosting my market stall on the dates 27, 28 and 29 December.

The festival will be very good with free entry awesome bands, art displays, live art and heaps of other stuff.

I was interviewed by the Leader about the festival and this is today’s front page of my local newspaper. Read the online article here.

See you there.

– Mulga

Live Painting – Lo Fi Basel Royale

These are some photos from the night of live painting on 12 September 2013 at Lo Fi for The Basel Royale Art Prize 2013. 

I painted a viking with axes in his beard. I like him. I decided to paint in black and white as we had a strict time limit of 3 hours to complete the painting and colour would slow me down too much.

I painted alongside Irene Feleo, she is great at painting go check her art out.

This is a competition and the winner gets to go to the Art Basel Miami in December 5 – 8, 2013, with flights, accommodation and passes to events at the international arts festival. This convergence of key artistic figureheads is one of the art world’s most respected events with a mixture of historically important and contemporary works.

You can help me win this competition by liking my picture of Spout Trunk Sammy on the instagram of loficollective.

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 0

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 2

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 1

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 3

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 5

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 6

mulga live painting at lofi basel royale 7

FBi Radio 10th Birthday Painting

I painted a big gorilla wearing headphones at FBi radio’s 10th birthday party on 8 October 2013.

It was a splendid occasion and I enjoyed the experience immensely. There was good bands playing and all the people in the crowd had lovely outfits on. I enjoyed listening to Sarah Blasko and doing a jig when the Presets played. Midnight Juggernauts were also great.

These photos are a record of the day, you can see I am smiling in some of the photos and that proves that I was enjoying myself.

Mulga painting at FBi Radio 10th birthday party

mulga the artist painting at fbi 1

mulga the artist painting at fbi 2

mulga the artist painting at fbi 4 

mulga the artist painting at fbi 3

Live Painting at Lo Fi for The Basel Royale Art Prize 2013

lo ficollective basel royale art prize 2013 with Mulga the artist

This Thursday night I will be painting live and competitively at Lo Fi. The winner out of 24 finalists is a sweet adventure to Miami.

It will be radical and the thing I am painting will have axes and horns and beards and lightning bolts in it so you know it will be good.

I need peeps there to vote for me with magical golden tokens that they give you on the night.

You can also vote for me on instagram by giving my picture of Spout Trunk Sammy a like on the instagram called @loficollective.

Where: Lo-Fi, Kinselas Building, Level 2, 383 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, NSW

When: Competition: 6pm – 9pm Thursday, September 12, 2013

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