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An Ode to Those Greenway Gorillas

Once upon a time in a park in the west
Lived three gorillas with a whole lot of zest

The gorilla called Mark loved his cars so fast
While the gorilla called Robbo loved his coffee in the park

The third gorilla called Moises loved his chorizo a whole lot
He ate it on all occasions and especially when the temps were hot

Their buddy Zena the Eel was the biggest eel in the land
She liked going to Wet’n’Wild and sunbaking on the sand

Once they all went on a holiday to the moon in space
They ate lots of moon cheese and had the run of the place

But soon they got homesick so they journeyed back to Earth
Because as the saying goes there’s no place like home turf

The End
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Working on a secret project at the moment with sweet invisible glow paints?? Wooo!

Zombie Wayne collab tee with @wearethe_m_o_b. Available from their shop.

The one and only original painting of Mountain Head Marv is now available from my online shop. Professionally framed in a Tasmanian oak frame you can own him for $625, free shipping Aus wide. Shop link in my profile.
An Ode to Mountain Head Marv

Marv wasn’t born in the mountains but he loved them so
Whenever he had some time off that’s where he’d go

He’d take his family and in a mountain cabin they’d stay
He loved the serenity and the crisp air of the day

He’d indulge in his pastime of fly fishing in the creeks
But fish are elusive especially the fish that he seeks

One time in the Himalayas he nearly caught a Golden Mahseer
If he landed that mystical fish he would have given a great cheer

He would have done a jig and then hugged a tree
Maybe some other silly things cause he was filled with glee

But he didnt catch that fish but he saw another magical sight
In the summer mountain air he watched the sun setting for the night

It was the best he had seen and one he’d never forget
Especially cause his Golden Mahseer leaped from the water in silhouette

The End

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Axe beard Allen hanging out in the games cave at Urban Nest Sydney, designed by @allenjackcottier_architects.
An Ode to Axebeard Allen the Viking
A dude called Allen was a viking true
As wild as any animal in the zoo
Known for his fierceness in any fight
He could battle from the morning until the night
For storing his weapons he did something unique
Stashing them in his beard was his special technique
Once when he battled on the beach
The glare was so bad for the sunnies he did reach
He liked the look so much he left on them shades
Even for the duration of surprise midnight raids
He was voted the coolest viking in the Nordic lands
And of the women folk he had many fans
The End
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I hope you have a splendid weekend! ?: @street_see – Starboy
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A little while back down at Bondi Beach.

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Jimmy Niggles is the owner of one of the most legendary beards I have had the pleasure to meet.

He is the mastermind behind @beardseason the charity saving dudes lives by encouraging them to get skin cancer checks and now Jimmy’s been invited to a training program with Richard Branson on his island.

He needs some sponsorship to get him over there, so head over to @beardseason for more info on how you can lend a hand.

An Ode to Beard Season

Hey ho let’s gather round
For a word on beards and advice so sound

This wondrous thing that we call the beard
Should not be abhorred, it should not be feared

It should be embraced like a soft teddy bear
This thing is precious, this blanket of hair

It has the power to save your life
And the skill to keep you from harm and strife

I like to think a beard is more than just fun
It’s also protective armour from the sun

In my final remarks I do implore
Go have a skin check lest ye hit the floor

The End

#mulgatheartist #beardseason

I painted this one as part of a sweet collab with @phoenixorganics a little while back. Little did I know it looks just like this sweet bearded dude! ?:@andreprando

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An Ode to Trevor Tempo Trunks

He was a magical creature, a sight to behold
His appearance a feature, his style so bold

Known far and wide as Mr Trevor Tempo Trunks
He played the drums better than MJ could do the dunks

From when he was born he was destined for things
Like making great noises by hitting the pig skins

It turned out he was skilled in more ways than we know
For the more that he drummed the more trunks that did grow

With each new trunk that grew his beats got more crazy
Strange things started happening, the details are hazy

But the story goes like this and I believe it is true
He could control the world around him with his beats so new

If he wanted his skin to be a shade of pink
He’d just lay down that beat and pink he would be

Or if he wanted an ice cream to appear out of the air
He’d just play the ice cream beat and one would be there

So what we can learn from this magical beast
Is to be the best at your own thing and all will be sweet

The End ?:@smoleniec91

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Have a sweet weekend everyone, this guys sure is!

Detail from a St Kilda @cocacolaau mural. ?: @melbourne_urban_art #mulgatheartist #muralart #mural #octopus #painting #contemporaryart #melbourneart #art #artist #urbanart #streetart #melbourneurbanart #melbournestreetart #streetartdaily #stkildastreetart #streetarteverywhere #streetartphotography

Putting the final touches on the biggest wall I ever painted in my life yesterday at @homemakergreenway. Cheers @taubmans for the delightful pigment. ?:@kirstgilbertsonartist
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Today is the last day of the Easter Show and it’s also kids day with cheaper tickets and rides for the kiddies ???? My stall is in the Fashion and Style Pavilion.
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