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The Birth of Beardus Video

Check out the Birth of Beardus tonight (23 August 2017) at Tortoiseshell Gallery for the opening night of ‘500 Years’.
Curated by Activated Walls the show features modern day artworks inspired by heaps old artworks. The show runs until 10 Sep.
An Ode to the Birth of Beardus
In the bearded world its a fact little known
That the first ever beard was not actually grownIt appeared fully formed and huge and long
Attached to a man as the world sang a song “Beardus is born, Beardus is here
What a beautiful beard, let us all cheer!” Indeed worthy of song was the beard born that day
The greatest beard to have ever lived so the legends say

The beard was so great clothes the man had no need to wear
His private parts covered by that beautiful face hair

Sadly the purity of beards slowly diminished over time
Each generations beard with less length and shine

But we hold out hope that the beard is here to stay
Growing a little on every mans face each and every day

The End


Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures picture book is nearly here!

To celebrate I’m hosting a big launch party and artshow at aMBUSH Gallery at Central Park Sydney on Saturday 24 Sep, 4-8 pm. Save the date it’s going to be sweet!

This is a vid of me illustrating a page from the book. Big thanks to Ray Lalotoa who wrote the song as part of the book/music collab project.

Listen to the full song on the Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures Soundcloud page or below.

King Kemono King of Beasts Video

This is a timelapse video of when I painted King Kemono King of Beasts on a canvas in Tokyo.

The story of King Kemono King of Beasts

King Kemono King of Beasts was born Lazarus the Lion on the island of Delos in ancient Greece. He lived a humble life spending his days attending school and sailing his sailing boat and fishing for dinner.

When he grew up he took over the family cheese making business. The family cheese making business prospered under his stewardship but Lazarus grew restless and longed for adventure.
So one day he packed his sailing ship and sailed into the big blue yonder. He sailed the world for 3 years and had the best of times and the worst of times but mostly pretty good times.
When he arrived in Japan he fell in love with the place and the delish sushi on offer and decided to settle in Tokyo a bustling metropolis.
He purchased a minority shareholding in a local cheese importing company and through his contacts and expertise in the cheese industry he was able to grow it to be the number one cheese importing business in Japan. The Japanese people named him King Kemono King of Beasts (and cheese) and everyone had a good time.

The End

Check out more of my videos here.

Original music by Rio Rakoia.

Video Painting the King of the Sea on Ace Buchan’s Surfboard

I painted on the broken surfboard of pro surfer Adrian Buchan using Posca paint markers.

The music was written and recorded by Rio Rakoia especially for this video.

It is for an art show called BROKEN DREAMS involving ‘LA Division’ artists which sees broken surfboards provided by elite professional surfers repurposed into amazing artworks to convey the message of Take 3 for the Sea. The idea of Take 3 is pretty simple, next time you visit the beach, find three items of trash and throw them in the bin.

The boards will be exhibited at Wild Things gallery on 26 Feb 2016, Manly as part of the Australia Open of Surfing. All proceeds going towards the TAKE 3 education program that focuses on influencing our youth to take action against pollution.

An Ode to the King of the Sea

In the sea there was a king and he was king of the sea
For many years he was content as content as can be

But then stuff started to happen that made him real sad
All this junk entered his kingdom and this junk was real bad

The land dwelling folks got more careless by the day
Dumping their garbage in an offhand kind of way

All this rubbish was killing the creatures of the deep
They were choking on garbage and entering the eternal sleep

So if you see some garbage while you’re down at the beach
Pick up at least three pieces and that would be sweet

The king of the sea will be well pleased with you
He’ll flash you a smile and also a shaka too

The End


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