T’was awesome meeting so many cool peeps in Japan like these guys @tanabe_rep

Fabio, Pancho and two Petes on display at Surf Skate Festivals in Germany recently 🌴🍍🐬 These ones are canvas prints and are all available from my website. 📷 @karrykare

Sweet shot from when I was painting up a storage module alongside @teepee.art @pablojararabie and @crispins_crispian. 🎨

My 3 paintings from the module are up for auction with proceeds going to @rednosedayaustralia. Find the auction link in the profile of @supercheap_storage. 📦

Could be your chance to get a large scale painting of mine at a pretty affordable price. ✊
📷 @toniveziris

Frankie putting Icecream Ian the Koala 🐨 together. With 35 pieces it’s perfect for the kids. Also comes in 672 pieces for more of a challenge.

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Mulga Puzzles!

Jungle Friends JigSaw Puzzle byt Mulga

The Mulga Puzzles have arrived!
Super limited stock and super awesome!

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Yay, let’s get puzzled!

It’s Viking Victor the Gorilla.
He is famous for leading a raiding party 200km from the Banana Kingdom across the Sea of Doom to the Kingdom of Mandarins. They vanquished their foes the Orange Orangutans by shooting bananas from their banana guns like out of the movie Madagascar Europe’s Most Wanted.
After their victory they sat down to a feast of the choicest mandarins the kingdom had to offer. After the first bite they realised that they didn’t like mandarins at all so they sailed back home to their Banana Kingdom and feasted on the choicest bananas for the rest of their days.
The End

My paintings of Viking Victor the Gorilla , Sid the Sexy Lion and King Beardankhamun are all up for auction with all proceeds going to @rednosedayaustralia. Check out @supercheap_storage for the link to the auction.

Sidwell the Sexy Lion painted today on a @supercheap_storage module. He will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to @rednosedayaustralia.
I would love to hear your ideas about his story.

Introducing King Beardankhamun! I painted him for @supercheap_storage and he will be auctioned off starting tomorrow with proceeds going to @rednosedayaustralia. Check out Supercheap Storage profile for link to the auction.
The story of King Beardankhamun
King Beardankhamun was probably the best king that ancient Egypt ever had. It was because he had the sweetest of sweet beards and he made a royal decree that all the dudes of beard growing age in ancient Egypt must grow a beard or be thrown in that pit where there is heaps of snakes like from Indiana Jones. Under his rule Egypt was the most prosperous nation on earth and everyone came to visit them and check out their sweet pyramids and parchments. The End.

King Beardankhamun coming along nicely! He will be auctioned off by @supercheap_storage with funds going to @rednosedayaustralia.

More info @ http://ift.tt/28NWYXX
June 23, 2016 at 11:50AM

The original drawing of Floyd the Flamingo, now available from my online shop, free shipping Aus wide.
An Ode to Floyd the Flamingo

Floyd the flamingo loves to limbo
He’s a bird with shoes and he does electric poos

He’s a dude but he don’t mind wearing pink
He stands on one leg and he don’t care what you think

He likes to swoon on the dark side of the moon
But everyone knows this pink Floyd aint no goon

He’s a groovy bird and he likes to dance
His moonwalk will fully leave you in a trance

With crown on his head and kicks on his feet
There’s nothing Floyd likes more than a sweet disco beat

As a flamingo he’s pretty neat
And when you lick his feathers it tastes pretty sweet

Watch his legs as he bounces to his funky beat
He is truly the funkiest thing you’ll ever meet

The End
#mulgatheartist #flamingo

The original hand drawn artwork of Floyd the Flamingo. Now available from my online shop, link in my profile.

Thanks for having me Japan, it’s been a blast!
Cheers to @loft_official @his_japan for hosting me and @gshock_jp for the sweet watch.
Check out @mulgatheartistjapan for my Japan happenings. #mulgatheartistjapan

Thanks @loft_official Shibuya for hosting me today whilst I painted Barrel Beard Darrell and the Dolphin Dynasty. Thanks @sahbearmoore and @sophiacampion for the sweet name suggestion.
I’ll have sweet products selling in @loft_official Shibuya for the next 2 weeks.
The story of Barrel Beard Darrell and the Dolphin Dynasty.
Darrell was born 13 minutes after Donnie and shared the trait of dolphins occupying his beard. He liked to wear a sweet head band and it made him be heaps good at karate even better than when Jayden Smith was the karate kid.
He moved to Japan when he was a 19 to train at the Japanese Karate Institute for Gifted Foreigners and was the star pupil for the duration of his stay. He beat the record of chopping the most bits of wood in half by 3 bits of wood and he was given a pendant in recognition. Everyone clapped and cheered, even his three dolphin buddies. The End.
@mulgatheartistjapan #mulgatheartistjapan

Painting sweet dolphin beard dude out the front of @loft_official Shibuya today.

He is the brother of Dolphin Beard Donnie. What should we name him?

Introducing King Kemono King of Beasts. I painted him at @his_japan Omotesando yesterday. Thanks for the name suggestions everyone and @kittykatmeowmeow.
The story of King Kemono King of Beasts

King Kemono King of Beasts was born Lazarus the Lion on the island of Delos in ancient Greece. He lived a humble life spending his days attending school and sailing his sailing boat and fishing for dinner.

When he grew up he took over the family cheese making business. The family cheese making business prospered under his stewardship but Lazarus grew restless and longed for adventure.
So one day he packed his sailing ship and sailed into the big blue yonder. He sailed the world for 3 years and had the best of times and the worst of times but mostly pretty good times.
When he arrived in Japan he fell in love with the place and the delish sushi on offer and decided to settle in Tokyo a bustling metropolis.
He purchased a minority shareholding in a local cheese importing company and through his contacts and expertise in the cheese industry he was able to grow it to be the number one cheese importing business in Japan.
The Japanese people named him King Kemono King of Beasts (and cheese) and everyone had a good time. The End.
#mulgatheartistjapan #mulgatheartist

Lions are super cool animals because they have a 360 degree beard.
Part of his story is that he is a minority shareholder in the number one Japanese cheese importing company. Stay tuned to hear his full story.
What should we name him?

Day 2 painting hairy beasts at @his_japan Omotesando.
This guy is brothers with Leroy the Lion. What should we name him?!