Yay, it’s the official publication day for Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures picture book!

Order one or more from my website and I’ll write a little poem inside!
Here’s some excerpts from Richard Cotter’s review of the book now up on the Sydney Arts Guide site. “Saturated in amazing colour, MULGA’S MAGICAL MUSICAL CREATURES takes us from marvellous alliteration to imaginative illustration in a rhyming picture book for children starring a lush and illustrious array of zoological instrumentalists.

A musical menagerie full of quirky colourful creatures and delicious detail, a mind expanding blend of the familiar and the surreal, MULGA’S MAGICAL MUSICAL CREATURES is simply delightful, akin to a magical mystery tour, sans the walrus.”

I had a super fun time last night launching the Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures book and singing a song!

The book is now available to buy on my website, link in my profile.
Massive thanks for everyone that came along to celebrate and the radical peeps and companies that supported the launch and helped make it awesome @ambushgallery @centralparksyd @popuppicnic @younghenrys @tsurufoodtruck @posca_aus @hachetteaus @raymondtlalotoa

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1 hour till Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures book launch kicks off!

We are nearly set up and it’s going to be a cracker of a night!

Happening today at 4 to 8 pm in @ambushgallery in @centralparksyd there is delish food by @popuppicnic, @tsurufoodtruck and @doughnut_time, drinks by @younghenrys, free face painting and live music from the book.

Today is the magical day of my book launch party 🎉🎊🎇🎈 If you’re in Sydney town and want to come for a boogie it starts at 4 and goes to 8 an is happening at @ambushgallery.
There’ll be the original art from the book on display, live music from the book, free face painting, a colouring in area, food and drinks and I might even sing a song.

Big thanks to all the radical companies supporting the launch @ambushgallery @younghenrys @popuppicnic @centralparksyd @doughnut_time @posca_aus @hcboz @hachetteaus @tsurufoodtruck
Tag your friends! Wooooooo

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Tomorrow you can be the first peeps to get your hands on a copy of my new magical musical book. After reading it you are guaranteed to be better at music by 3% to 5%. The launch party kicks off at @ambushgallery at 4 pm tomorrow. Get in early for some free face painting!

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Lions with crowns 👑 were lounging on rocks,
Singing in mics 🎤and wearing pink socks.😜 Get acquainted with these guys at the book launch party at @ambush tomorrow, 4-8 pm. Wooooooo!

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You too could look this happy reading Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures when you get your copy from my book launch. It is rumoured with every turn of the page a new hair grows somewhere on your body!
If you are in Sydney the book launch is happening tomorrow arvo, Saturday 24th from 4-8 pm at @ambushgallery.

I have been practising my song but I’ll need help singing it so bring your singing shoes with you, oh yeah!
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Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures Book Launch and Artshow


Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures Book Launch and Artshow

Come join me for a one night event where I’ll be launching my latest book, Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures. It will be a super fun filled evening where the original artworks from the book will be on display, live music from the book will be performed and food and drink will be enjoyed by one and all. I might even sing a song!

Held at Ambush Gallery, Level 3, Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale the event runs from 4 pm to 8pm this Saturday, 24 September. It is a kid friendly event with free face painting, a colouring wall and a photo booth.

Drinks by Young Henrys, food by Pop Up Picnic and Doughnut Time and live music by Samoan Punks and No Illuminati.


Big thanks to the radical companies supporting the launch aMBUSH GalleryCentral Park SydneyYoung HenrysPop Up PicnicHachette Australia Children’s BooksPOSCA Australia,Doughnut Time.

Join the Facebook Event here.

Hoot, hoot! I wanted to tell you about some good stuff that’s planned for the Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures book launch party that’s happening this Saturday.
There’ll be face painting, doughnuts by @doughnut_time, brewskis by @younghenrys, food by @popuppicnic and @tsurufoodtruck, a colouring table and a @posca_aus colouring wall, photo booth, candy bar and live music by Samoan Punks and No Illuminati and maybe myself.

It’s all happening at @ambushgallery this Saturday, 4-8 pm, Level 3 in @centralparksyd.

Please tag your friends who would dig it!

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You pretty much can’t go wrong with dolphin socks! To get yourself some el pronto sign up with @soxybeast by midnight tonight. Woo!

Who loves puzzles!? To celebrate the release of Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures I made some sweet puzzles featuring characters from the book.

Get yourself one at the book launch at @ambushgallery this Saturday, 4-8 pm. Wooooooo!

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The Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures book launch is happening this Saturday (24 Sep). If you’re in Sydney town and want to come for a boogie it starts at 4 and goes to 8.

There’ll be the original art from the book on display, live music from the book, activities for kids, food and drinks and I might even sing a song.

Big thanks to all the radical companies supporting the launch @ambushgallery @younghenrys @popuppicnic @centralparksyd @doughnut_time @posca_aus @hcboz @hachetteaus

Please share and tag your friends! Wooooooo!
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Only 6 days to go till the Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures book launch and Artshow!

At the launch you’ll be able to grab the newest design in my limited edition magnet series.

It’s on this Saturday, 4-8 pm at @ambushgallery in @centralparksyd.

Barnibee Beams the Gorilla King from last night’s @beamsfestival.

Head to @ambushgallery on Tuesday night for a silent auction at 6-8:30 of all the works from the festival.

An Ode to Barnibee Beams the Gorilla King

Barnibee Beams is the king of beams
His laser beam is wonky but powerful it seems

One time he was walking and it was super late at night
He couldn’t see a thing so he used his beam for light

It’s really handy that way and in other ways too
Like vapourising foes and turning them into goo

Once a year in Sydney he comes out in the night
Rules over the festival of beams with his fantastical light
His beam can even change colours which is good for disco dancing
He lights up the dance floor and everyone gets to prancing
That’s the story of Barnibee Beams, a gorilla ever so sweet
With the choicest of laser beams he always brings the heat


Thanks @aylathecaveman_art for the sweet name suggestion.
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Beams Art Festival is going off!
What should we name this guy

@beamsfestival #beamsfestival #mulgatheartist

I’ll be making some live art tonight on a section of the 100m graffiti wall at @beamsfestival in Chippendale.

Come by and say hi and maybe have a paint! Starts at 5 goes to 10.

#beamsfestival #mulgatheartist

Sneak peek of the socks I designed for @soxybeast supporting @compassionau. Subscribe with Soxy Beast by next Thursday to get your #socks and help provide tooth brushes for children in poverty.


Dolphin Pete is now in limited edition lapel pin form and he is part of the @stupidkrap @pin_zilla ll Lapel Pin Exhibition.
There is so many great artists involved and it is on tonight at @lanesendprojects in Melbourne and @theculpritclub in Brisbane.

An Ode to Dolphin Pete

Dolphins are nice, dolphins are neat
This guy is even called Dolphin Pete

He chases the summer all year round
Surfing summer waves with a leap and a bound

He competes in all the surf comps and always wins
Probably because he really knows how to wiggle his fins

He is also a world champion hula hooper
And has a brother called Maxwell and another called Cooper

The End

#mulgatheartist #pinzilla

Here’s the final shot of the North Bondi Sea wall. As far as mural locations go this was one of the best, at high tide I was literally standing in the water as I painted. It was a great way to cool down my toes.
Big thanks to @waverleycouncil for having me along, @paradiseroaddinner for the super delish burgers, @permaplastik for the sweet paints and Pablo, Agus, Liz, Todd, Tim and Max for having a paint!

#mulgatheartist #bondi

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