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It’s Trevor Tempo Trunks!
In collaboration with @thedrawingarm I had a blast painting him in the new BWM Dentsu office in Sydney.
Thanks @louantonius for the sweet name suggestion!

An Ode to Trevor Tempo Trunks

He was a magical creature, a sight to behold
His appearance a feature, his style so bold

Known far and wide as Mr Trevor Tempo Trunks
He played the drums better than MJ could do the dunks

From when he was born he was destined for things
Like making great noises by hitting the pig skins

It turned out he was skilled in more ways than we know
For the more that he drummed the more trunks that did grow

With each new trunk that grew his beats got more crazy
Strange things started happening, the details are hazy

But the story goes like this and I believe it is true
He could control the world around him with his beats so new

If he wanted his skin to be a shade of pink
He’d just lay down that beat and pink he would be

Or if he wanted an ice cream to appear out of the air
He’d just play the ice cream beat and one would be there

So what we can learn from this magical beast
Is to be the best at your own thing and all will be sweet

The End

Painted exclusively with @permaplastik and @posca_aus

#mulgatheartist #elephant

I painted Parker the Pelican today at UNSW for art week for @arcunsw.
A little bit about Parker the Pelican.

Parker enjoys going on boat rides and his favourite kind of boat is those big motorcruisers. He likes to feel the rumble of the engines as he sits on the front railings and scans the water for delicious treats lurking beneath. One time when he was going on a boat ride he saw some salt and pepper calamari swimming along and ate it for lunch, that was a great day.
The End

#artweek #pelican #mulgatheartist

I had a good time re-creating a few #OhWhatAFeeling moments from the Olympics for @toyota_aus.

Farewell #Rio2016 – See you at #Tokyo2020 !

Last year I painted Giles Wildstyles the Goanna at UNSW for the Climate Change Festival. Today I will be making some more live art at UNSW in the Quad from 11 to 3. If you are on campus come by and say hi!

I’ve been painting a multi trunked drum playing elephant today. What should we name this guy?? 🐘

Ahoy it’s Captain Carmens! He resides at the entrance to @carmensnightclub

And Ode to Captain Carmens

He was a jolly ole chap with a beard so red
When he saw an old friend ahoy is what he said

His captains hat was the most magical thing
It shot laser beams going zing, zing, zing

His beard used to be black but it changed to red
When he sailed in the Red Sea with his dog called Fred

After sailing the world for many adventurous years
He settled in the heart of Miranda to a flurry of cheers

He opened a dancing club of which he was the hostΒ 
He greeted every patron with a smile and was loved the most

When he finished his shift of greeting patrons at the door
He would have a boogie woogie on the Carmens dancefloor

The End πŸ“· @robcookvideography

Progress shot of when I painted a big flouro wall at @carmensnightclub last week. Cheers @permaplastik for making such sweet flouro paintsπŸ‘ŠπŸŽ¨ Sweet πŸ“· by @1tchy

Here’s another sweet #ohwhatafeeling moment I captured for @toyota_aus for the Rio Olympics.
With 250 metres to go @ryangregson25Β came from 2nd last to 4th in the 1,500m semi final to became the first Australian dude in 40 years to make the Olympic final.
Have a great finals race Greggo, wooooooo!

It’s Franny and Phillip the Flamingo Lovers! These guys are residing in @carmensnightclub.
An Ode to Franny and Phillip the Flamingo Lovers
Franny and Phillip first met in Carmen’s one night
Franny spotted Phillip dancing on the podium and boy was he a sight

His flamingo wings were all flying around
Whipping the other patrons in their faces and knocking them to the ground
He wasn’t trying to be a bad guy he just loved to dance
And his moves that night sure did put Franny into a trance

The sprinkler was one of his favourite moves
But the truth was he was really good at all of the grooves

Well when these two love birds did finally meet
They pretty quickly fell in love, it was ever so sweet

Every Saturday night they liked to hit the dance floor
Busting out flamingo moves until their feet got sore

The End
#heartoftheshire #mulgatheartist

Closer up shot of Kayla the Koala down at Wollongong Library πŸ¨πŸ¨πŸ¨πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

It’s Kayla the Koala🐨! I painted her yesterday on the library windows at Wollongong Uni.
An Ode to Kayla the Koala

Kayla was a koala who grew up in the sun
Born in the sunny state and always having fun

She got really good at tennis when she was growing up
Even got a US college scholarship and won the college cup

Then she came on back home when she got a sore knee
She was happy to be home and not far away over the sea

She migrated down the coast from tree to tree
Finally settling in the grounds of the Wollongong Uni

She became best buds with good ole party duck
He liked to party hard and often ran a muck

But Kayla focused intently on educating her mind
She wasn’t interested in partying or wasting her time

As her knowledge accrued she found she rose to the peak
She became queen of the koalas, quite an impressive feat

She developed magical powers like shooting lasers from her crown
She was known throughout the land and famous in Wollongong town

The End

#mulgatheartist #liveartweek #thisisuow #koala

I’m down at Wollongong Uni today painting on windows and selling gear. We’ve got a colouring table set up and you are welcome to help me lay some paint on the windows! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ¨πŸ’ŽπŸ¨πŸ’ #liveartweek #thisisuow

I painted this last year at Wollongong Uni for Live art week. I’ll be painting something a lil different on the library windows tomorrow. If you are on campus come by for a paint with me and see what sweet products I have for sale. #liveartweek

Progress shot of me painting a big ole flouro Koala head 🐨in @carmensnightclub last week.
I’ll be painting another sweet Koala 🐨 on the library windows at University of Wollongong tomorrow for #liveartweek, I’ll be having a market stall as well. Come by for a paint if you are around 🎨. πŸ“· @robcookvideography

Was sweet hanging with these red bearded legends, @1tchy and @robcookvideography when I painted @carmensnightclub last week. Can’t wait to see the sweet vid they’re putting together documenting it all.

Congrats to Dane ‘Birdman’ Smith @dbirds92 for swooping in for the bronze at the Rio Olympics in the 20km walk! What a legend! #ohwhatafeeling @toyota_aus

Putting the final touches on these 2 funky flamingo love birds for tonight’s @carmensnightclub reloaded party. I’ll be painting live so come by for high fives.

I’ve been painting up the walls at @carmensnightclub all this past week and will also be live painting tonight at a huge party. Going to be sweet.

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