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Get in quick because there is only one of each. This one is Brad the Rad Crab.

An Ode to Brad the Rad Crab

Brad the Rad Crab was a most radical crab
Born under the sea where life was never ever drab

He was separated from his family at a very young age
And adopted by a rainbow parrot fish called Johnny Page

He travelled the underwater kingdom on Johnny’s back so scaly 
To where Johnny performed stand up and all the fishes laughed gaily

Something magical would occur with every trip they’d make
A colour would transfer from Johnny and to Brad it would take

Over a period of many years Brad’s transformation was complete 
He was so fantastically coloured like some kind of rainbow sheep

Johnny retired to a peaceful cove somewhere in the Bahamas
And Brad became a stand up comedian and ate many bananas

The End

Get yourself a copy of this month’s @tracksmag. I did a sweet interview with them. 🌊✌

For a short time he was the brightest captain at the beach, he was Captain Flouro Phil.
This was his favourite saying:

Wind in my beard
Sun on my face
The ocean for me
Is a magical place

More info @ http://ift.tt/20zOWHh
May 25, 2016 at 06:43PM

It’s Sunny the cat!
An Ode to Sunny the Cat

Sunny the Cat had an extremely sunny disposition
Always smiling and telling jokes with the utmost precision

She was also good at dancing and she taught a class
On how to dance while telling a joke and make all the peeps laugh

One time she got into a pickle in an alley way so dark
Some dogs tried to roll her and scare her with their bark

But she utilised her skills and her wits oh so quick
By telling a joke and doing a dance which ended with a kick

They were laughing so hard they didnt see the strike
And both hit the ground like a toddler falling off a trike

Then she went home and her mum fed her a beaker of milk
Then she stretched out and read some fashion mags on a bed of silk

The End

#mulgatheartist #cat

An Ode to Dougie the Donut Pizza

Dougie achieved fame in a peculiar kind of way
It was for being the best pizza delivery guy every day

When he delivered pizza to his dad he asked for a tip 
His dad said “Be good to your mum” with a smile of his lip

After a while Dougie wanted to try something new 
So he opened up his own pizza shop or two

In his shop he had a lab where he experimented all night
Some of his pizza creations would give you a fright

There was a pizza with cheese harvested from the moon
And topped with the choicest cuts from a magic mushroom

One fateful night whilst working in the lab
He mixed donuts and pizza but it turned out so bad

The whole lab exploded, it was a frightful scene
When he emerged he was mutant and kind of obscene

He was now part man, part donut, part pizza slice
Frightful yet delicious, weird tasting yet nice

He got heaps famous and into movies he went
Getting sweet roles as the pizza slice gent

The End

I drew Carlos for the 2016 National Trust Heritage Festival. The original painting of Carlos is available from my online shop, link in my profile.
He was thought to be extinct for 103 years and then someone saw him and he wasn’t extinct any more.
An Ode to Carlos the Crambione Cookii Jellyfish

Carlos the Jellyfish is a powerful chap
His sting is so powerful it could knock off your hat

No one had heard from him for like 103 years
Then he popped up one day and everyone gave three cheers

Turns out he’s been bopping around deep in the sea
Managing his undersea empire like the boss that is he

He owns all the undersea restaurants that there is
Apparently it is an extremely lucrative biz

The End

It’s Captain Crook, I drew him 4 years ago before I invented my cloud signature. The original painting of him is available in my online shop, link in my profile.

An ode to Captain Crook

by @spiderbones

If you’re after a captain
Who looks more sleazy
You’d be hard pressed
This one’s real greasy

From port to port
He’s known all round
As the meanest moustache
To ever run aground

Once the commodore
Of a mighty fleet
Now he hangs out
Where the fishes sleep

The legend goes
That he was steering his vessel
When first mate Billy
Gave him the cutthroat special

His mutinous crew
Began to rejoice
Till they heard a rumble
A sickening voice

Turns out that zombies
Don’t bleed too much
And Captain Crook
Wasn’t dead as such

The terrified crew
Bailed in quick succession
And Crook was left nursing
His leering expression

Not at all pleased
He set about fishing
His mutinous crew
Ending up in the kitchen

To figure what happened
You don’t need much vision
Just spare a thought for the crew
The next time you go fishin’

The End

I drew some big gorilla heads and then they got coloured in during the Australian Book Industry Awards last night.
Would love to see a finished photo if anyone has one. 📷@panterapress #abia2016

The virtual reality viewer I painted for “A Virtual Reality” artshow at @gallery448 opening 27 May.
An Ode to Dolphin Pete

Dolphins are nice, dolphins are neat
This guy is even called Dolphin Pete

He chases the summer all year round
Surfing summer waves with a leap and a bound

He competes in all the surf comps and always wins
Probably because he really knows how to wiggle his fins

He is also a world champion hula hooper
And has a brother called Maxwell and another called Cooper

The End

Progress pic of my painting of Jimmy from @beardsonorg
He has a healthy beard full of all kinds of life.

Douggie the Donut Pizza is coming along nicely

Pizza slice painting, sun shine fainting

Matilda the Mermaid has flowing long hair
Nearly as luxurious as that of a grizzly bear

Hey you guys! Thanks for all your sweet mermaid name suggestions. I am calling her Matilda the Mermaid as suggested by Daniella Sciuto.

You can get a print of Matilda the Mermaid from my online shop, link in my profile.
An Ode to Matilda the Mermaid

Matilda the Mermaid is a mermaid so true
She loves to travel to oceans so exotic and blue

Every ocean of the world she has travelled to
Most recently the Indian, the birthplace of Apu

She loves drinking juices because they are a delicious drink
And her favourite flavour is dragonfruit, it is the most vibrant pink

Every year on her birthday she hosts a big do
A party in a warehouse and everyone wears blue

One time she was dancing so hard she sprained her flipper
The next day she had to see a pipi physio called Pippa

Pippa put a cast on Tilly’s flipper so sore
She had to keep it out of the water for a month or more

So she went Bondi beach and chilled there for a month
Making friends with the backpackers and eating their lunch

The End

Progress shot of my mermaid.
It’s been sweet reading all your name suggestions, if you haven’t suggested a name yet you’ve got till high noon today and my favourite name wins a print of this beauty!
#mermaid #mulgatheartist

Progress pic of a mermaid. What should we call her? Suggest a name by high noon this Friday and my favourite wins a print of her when I finish.

I drew a dolphin in the sun today. Thanks @colourhidestationery for the lovely colourful #colourhide sketchbook.
The Story of Glen the Dolphin
His name is Glen and he enjoys sunbaking. That’s why he is pink, he got burnt one time and the colour stayed. He has been known to jump up on boats and catch some rays before flopping into the water and swimming away with a cheeky dolphin giggle. If you don’t believe me check out YouTube, there is heaps of videos of him doing this, he is famous for it. The End.

Happy Mothers day everybody!
This is Sarah the Magical Seahorse, I painted her a while back and named her after my wife who is a super good mum to our 3 lil kids.
An Ode to Sarah the Magical Seahorse

Once upon a time there lived a horse in the sea
She was the most magical seahorse you’d ever seen

She lived in magical kingdom full of other seahorses
And when they all ate it was all three courses

The favourite thing on which they liked to dine
Was the brine shrimp and its taste so divine

But back to the story of our magical Seahorse Sarah
She was the queen of the kingdom and there was none fairer

She undertook extensive public works programs
She built schools and hospitals and kept back the sea sands

She taught all the seahorses how to change their colours
To keep them safe from sea beasts and other sea monsters

She could change any colour that you could think
And her favourite change was from green to pink

The End
#mothersday #seahorse #mulgatheartist

Was sweet hanging with the super cool photo dude @nadzbanaag whilst I painted Freddy Foliage at @taylorsrooftop recently. This is one of his super nice snaps.
An Ode to Freddy Foliage the Skull
Freddy now possessed an absence of living
Like the surface of Mars it was quite unforgiving

Where once a man was, now was a skull
Life was once full now it was dull

Then on one day at the beginning of spring
While Freddy was sitting there with his skull grin

Some foliage appeared growing outta his nose
Then next out of his eyes to the sky it did rose

It was the most magical thing for Freddy you see
Because now life was back and he felt some glee

The End