What a great day for @finders_keepers markets!🔹All going down at Australian Technology Park in Redfern🔹 Open till 6 🔹Clocks available online as well 🔹Woo!🔹#sydneyfinderskeepers #thefinderskeepers

Setting up for @finders_keepers Markets tonight, 6-10 pm. Woo!

It’s @finders_keepers markets time! I’ll have a stall this Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday at Finders Keepers markets at Australian Technology Park in Redfern.
I’ll have sweet gifts for mothers day like teatowels, aprons, coasters, art prints, cushions, necklaces, lightboxes and these delicious smelling candles and cannisters.
See you there or grab them from my online shop.

That time I got creative on a bunch of groms boards at Maroubra Beach. 📷:@anthonychristie1 for @curiummagazine

Lest we forget

This is what I’ve been drawing today. Stay tuned for the reveal tomorrow.

Got some sweet new Mulga patch hats for kids at my stall at Open Up Markets at @darlingquarter over the weekend.

It’s all happening at the Open Up Markets at @darlingquarter. I’m here from 12 pm to 5pm, today, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
If come by with a beard stroke it 3 times for a discount.

A design I did for @mamboaustralia kids a little while back.
Speaking of kids design I will have a market stall at the Open Up Markets at @darlingquarter this Thursday to Sunday, 12pm to 5pm each day. It is a curated Kids designer markets.
An Ode to Rufus the Reindeer Snowboard Legend

There was this Reindeer called Rufus and he was kind of rad
When people saw him snowboard they thought he was a little mad

One day when he was a little reindeer nibbling upon a tree
A human on a snowboard zoomed past him with a look of glee

He thought to himself that looks a mighty fine lark
So he turned back to the tree and made his first snowboard from bark

He picked up snowboarding as easy as that
It came so natural to him like a fur ball from a cat

He’d always be hooting when he burned down a hill
Such was the extent of the feeling of his thrill

In the animal kingdom he was the best on the board
In the ’84 winter animal Olympics they called him the gold lord

It’s rumoured that he invented at least 63 tricks
From reindeer rolls to off centre antler flips

The End

Yo what up! I’ve been preparing some old drawings for framing, I’ll chuck them up on my online shop once they are framed. Got some originals up there at the moment as well.

Thanks all you guys that took part in my random give away for a free print. The winner chosen at random was @oliviadarby. Congratulations Olivia, please message me your address and I’ll send it off to you.
This guy is called Punky Bruiser.
An Ode to Punky Bruiser

Raised in the hood by a gangster mum
Punky Bruiser grew up to be his mother’s son

When a drive by shooting claimed his mumma’s life
Each of the perps soon met his switchblade knife

He took control of the Blood Ape Gang
The territory of which grew under his reign

He controlled half the city and its streets
Ruled over by him and his gangs of ape beasts

He soon owned all of the banana plantations
Enough yellow goodness to feed seven nations

The End

The boys, the apes, the gorilla gang hanging out at @weareforge HQ.
Tag a friend who you think would like this and I’ll select someone from random Sunday night and send you one of these gorilla dude art prints.

This is Sam the secret skull. He knows lots of secrets because people find it really easy talking to him and revealing some of their secrets that they don’t tell anyone else. He once was chatting to a lorikeet and the lorikeet told Sam that he was afraid of sitting in tree branches because he was afraid it would break under his weight. The End.

I recently participated in my first podcast interview where I sat down and chatted to Mike for @the_uncommon_standard.
It was based on the theme of mastering your craft and in it I talk about making art and doing biz amongst other things.

All the way from Indonesia these guys asked if they could recreate some of my artworks for a mural they were painting.
Came out pretty sweet. 📷: @einsteinbrew.jember

Getting freaky doing a little interview after painting at @taylorsrooftop last week.

Vivi the Unicorn is so magical that she can change the colour of her unicorn fur to suit how she is feeling that day. Today she is feeling very in touch with her feminine side and is pink, tomorrow she may be feeling like getting back to nature and she might be green.
Vivi the Magical Unicorn likes swimming in the ocean and has recently joined a stand up paddle board yoga class. It is pretty challenging doing yoga on a stand up paddle board but she relishes the challenge.

Introducing Jose Diamond Beard. His head is about 3 metres tall and you can check him out at @taylorsrooftop in Sydney CBD.
An Ode to Jose Diamond Beard
When I met Jose his beard was so nice
It was as cool as a cucumber and as cool as ice

It had magical qualities and could do awesome things
It could jog in a marathon and go on the swings
When Jose has a great time something real special does happen
His beard grows a diamond and the diamond is cracking

The most valuable diamonds in the world from his beard do come
As a result his beard is the best in the world and then some

Some people say it’s value sits at a billion
And then there are others that say it’s a trillion
Whatever the value and whatever the case
That beard sure does look mighty great on his face
The End
#mulgatheartist #redbull #taylorsrooftop #beard #beardart

An Ode to Leon Lightbulbs
When he was a young kid he was the brightest kids in class
All of his marks where always above a pass

But then he got older and his beard got so nice
And things got interesting like a pine lime splice

Light bulbs started growing from his beards dark places
Illuminating his world and all other beardy faces

As the lightbulbs multiplied so did his ideas so bright
They were some of the best ideas and every hunch of his was right
One of his bright ideas was the water sprinkler system
And ceiling fans and even the good ole toilet cistern
But one of his coolest ideas and probably his smartest one
Is his dangling lightbulb hat and it’s dangling lightbulb fun

The End

Leon Lightbulbs getting painted up at @lightco_australia

Leon always has a bright idea and he was the brightest kid in his class because he had lightbulbs dangling off him all the time.