Here’s the 2nd pair of limited edition underwear I made with @xyunderwear!
To celebrate their release I’m giving a pair away, just tag someone who you think would dig them. I’ll select a winner at random on Teusday night and the more peeps you tag the more entries you get.
They are also available in my online shop now and in @myer from September.

An Ode to Timothy the Toucan

Timothy was the coolest toucan in the flock
I know because he wore his cap backwards just like spock

Burritos where his favourite thing to eat
To him they were better than any chocolate treat

For fun times he liked to go to the waterslide park
He had the grandest time with his buddy Barry the Lark

They would ride the slides for all of the day
And for each ride “woohoo” is what they would say

The End
#mulgatheartist #xyunderwear

King Kemono King of Beasts Video

This is a timelapse video of when I painted King Kemono King of Beasts on a canvas in Tokyo.

The story of King Kemono King of Beasts

King Kemono King of Beasts was born Lazarus the Lion on the island of Delos in ancient Greece. He lived a humble life spending his days attending school and sailing his sailing boat and fishing for dinner.

When he grew up he took over the family cheese making business. The family cheese making business prospered under his stewardship but Lazarus grew restless and longed for adventure.
So one day he packed his sailing ship and sailed into the big blue yonder. He sailed the world for 3 years and had the best of times and the worst of times but mostly pretty good times.
When he arrived in Japan he fell in love with the place and the delish sushi on offer and decided to settle in Tokyo a bustling metropolis.
He purchased a minority shareholding in a local cheese importing company and through his contacts and expertise in the cheese industry he was able to grow it to be the number one cheese importing business in Japan. The Japanese people named him King Kemono King of Beasts (and cheese) and everyone had a good time.

The End

Check out more of my videos here.

Original music by Rio Rakoia.

Happy Friday 🙌 and what food timing to share this sweet photo 📷 of Griswald the good vibe gorilla 🐵 taken by @gabriel__reis. Griswald is chilling down at Bondi Beach at the moment.
The story about Griswald the good vibe gorilla.

Griswald the good vibe gorilla was born with a very special talent. It was the ability to make anyone who encountered him smile. Sometimes it was because of his happy bright colours and other times it was when he told a funny joke like “Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road? Because it ran out of juice” and other times it was just the good vibes that he emitted from his being. His favourite place to hang was down at Bondi Beach because he liked to provide good vibes to all the surfers and swimmers and people playing that game with the paddles and ball, is it called paddle ball? That game looks fun. For unknown reasons his vibes are strongest early Friday mornings and you can tell just how strong because a lot of the surfers in the line up turn fluro and have a great time. That’s why they call it #flurofriday.

The End

#mulgatheartist #mulga #bondi #streetart

Close up of Davo one of the Pizza Gorilla bros from my Liverpool mural
#mulgatheartist #liverpoolsafest

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July 19, 2016 at 09:39PM

It’s Rainbow Roger Predictor of Thunder 🌈☁️⚡ I’ve got a bunch of radical affordable artworks like this bad boy on my website 🌐 link in my profile.
An Ode to Rainbow Roger Predictor of Thunder

I want to tell a story of rainbows and wonder
Of Rainbow Roger and his prediction of thunder

He lives on an island in the middle of the sea
With a house in the palm trees he lives so free

One magical night a diamond fell from the sky
And lodged in his forehead close to his eye

When a storms a brewing this diamond starts shaking
And out pops a rainbow and the clouds start quaking

The next thing that happens is thunder and lightning
As it has been forecast this skill is frightening

The End

#mulgatheartist #art #artfiends

Nice to get a mention in the @liverpoolleader about my Davo and Pauly the Pizza Gorilla bros mural 🙌😛

Here’s Julio, I drew him for @mybeanabout where he appears on a sweet portable beanbag. There is a kickstarter campaign happening so head over to their profile and take part so we can see these bean bags come to life.
An Ode to Julio the Tree Hugging Gorilla

Julio was a Gorilla and he was a marvellous chap
Whenever he entered a room everyone would stand and clap

He achieved a bit of fame in the jungle scene
By being the best friend to trees that there had ever been

Often trees would get sad and a hug they would need
After woodpeckers would peck them till they started to bleed

After a cuddle or two they’d start to feel better
Then Julio would lope through the jungle because he was a real go getter

Another cool thing that he’s well known for
Is inventing a special bean bag to stop his bum getting sore

You see he sits on the branches when he hugs them trees
And the branches are hard like a skeletons knees

He always take his bean bag when he’s swinging on vines
Because it doubles as a backpack, quite an ingenious design

The End
#mulgatheartist #beanabout

Close up of Douggie the Donut Pizza 🍕🍩 If you dig it the original painting is available from my internet shop, link in my profile.

He’s one of my favourites, I painted him on plywood and cut him out with a jigsaw, super fun to make.
An Ode to Dougie the Donut Pizza

Dougie achieved fame in a peculiar kind of way
It was for being the best pizza delivery guy every day

When he delivered pizza to his dad he asked for a tip
His dad said “Be good to your mum” with a smile of his lip

After a while Dougie wanted to try something new
So he opened up his own pizza shop or two

In his shop he had a lab where he experimented all night
Some of his pizza creations would give you a fright

There was a pizza with cheese harvested from the moon
And topped with the choicest cuts from a magic mushroom

One fateful night whilst working in the lab
He mixed donuts and pizza but it turned out so bad

The whole lab exploded, it was a frightful scene
When he emerged he was mutant and kind of obscene

He was now part man, part donut, part pizza slice
Frightful yet delicious, weird tasting yet nice

He got heaps famous and into movies he went
Getting sweet roles as the pizza slice gent

The End

#mulgatheartist #pizza #donut #artfiends #art

Honoured to have a wall of art prints in this little dudes bedroom! Hopefully some good inspiration for colourful magical dreams 🐅🐯🐘🐦

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July 15, 2016 at 09:18AM

Flouro green Full Circle Beard Club Longsleeve tees are pretty nice. I only printed about 20 of them. You can get one from my website, link in my profile💀

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July 13, 2016 at 10:23AM

Liverpool Champion

Liverpool Champion
To launch Liverpool Council’s Street Art Festival we have festival producer Vi Girgis and artist Mulga The Artist
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July 12, 2016 at 05:30PM

My “We Need Each Other” design turned it a sweet necklace pendant by @skullsbysofiafitzpatrick 💀

The story of Bob and Gene 📖

Bob and Gene where not dummies, they realised that a life lived in isolation is a lonely life indeed. They were best buds and helped each other out all the time. For example, whenever Gene was tired Bob let him rest inside is skull cavity. This allowed Gene to sleep whilst not having to worry about being eaten by wild boars. One time they went on a hike through the woods and through teamwork they were able to pick 2.5 times the number of wild strawberries 🍓compared to if they picked them in isolation. Synergy and teamwork is a magical thing.
The End

#mulgatheartist #skulljewellery

Close up of the sweet skull necklace pendant I collaborated with @skullsbysofiafitzpatrick on.
I carved this dude out of jewellers wax and then gave it to Sofia and she worked her jeweller skills carving the lines deeper and mining the silver and oxidising it and doing all the stuff a jeweller does. If you need some custom skull jewellery hit her up for sure! 😊💀

Inside the workshop of @skullsbysofiafitzpatrick. I recently collaborated with her to make some sweet skull pendant necklaces. I carved the designs into jewellers wax and Sofia took it from there.

It’s Davo and Pauly the Pizza Gorilla bros! 🍕🐵 Painted with  brushes and markers it took @wokkijabber and myself 4 days, 3 boom lifts, a bunch of black @posca_aus markers and a whole heap of @permaplastik paint and 1 large tarp to paint this one.

Painted for the Liverpool Street Art Festival it’s located on the side wall of Crunch Fitness in Liverpool. 💪

An Ode to Davo and Pauly the Pizza Gorilla Bros

They love to eat pizza those brothers two
Davo and Pauly amongst many leaves of blue

Brothers since birth they were born with black hair
Until one fateful night when they stumbled into the tigers lair

It was actually the jungle ristorante of the magical tiger called Gino
If it’s Italian food you’re after its the place to go

A mystery magical pizza is what they got
And it changed all their fur from black to shades of hot

It also gave them sweet powers like being doubly strong
And remembering all the lyrics to each and every song

Now when their colours fade they know what to do
Is to get more magic pizza and eat it amongst leaves of blue

The End

#mulgatheartist #liverpoolsafest