This is Kraken Karl, Mulga drew him for 'The Kraken Rum' to promote the release of the limited edition ceramic bottle.

An Ode to Kraken Karl

There was this beastly kraken and his name was Karl
He was a temperamental old beast known for his snarl

On a secret caribbean island he lived in a bottomless lagoon
If any vessels sailed near their destruction would be soon

Any man that ever saw Karl would never live to tell
Thus him and his secret island was a secret kept well

One fateful full moon night a ship sailed by quite close
With a full moon party underway let's just say they were the opposite of morose

Karl awoke from his slumber like a beast from the deep
His snarling heard before his tentacles began their deadly creep

He unleashed his fury bolstered by the full moons light
He crushed that ship to smithereens with all of his might

The cargo aboard that doomed vessel was lost to the waves
Barrels upon barrels of rum floating all away

It was many years later when another ship sailed within sight
A storm bore down so they sort refuge in Karl's lagoon for the night

There was no sighting of krakens as they feasted on gouda
Luckily for them Karl was away at his brothers bucks in Bermuda

They found an ancient bottle stained black on that island place
Filled to the brim with spiced rum you should have seen their face

Thus that is the tale of the bottle that we now see
A magical thing like a flower to a bee

The End